Church of Universal Support and Truth

The Church of Universal Support and Truth (COUSAT), founded by Minister Norman Virgil Whiteside, is a church that does not have its foundation in any building structure, although it has many branches of building structures that facilitate its purpose.  The COUSAT fosters the original definition of the word “church” which is a “collection of believers.”  The COUSAT ministry is free-flowing and has no stringent rules or mandates on its members or affiliates.  While COUSAT embraces A Divine Creator, it does not believe The Creator is a God of Vengeful, Hurtful Violence, but rather, A God Who wants good and prosperity for the created – A God of beneficial solutions for those who have faith in the possible.  The COUSAT does not embrace so-called spiritual premises that defy sound logic or cause one person to appear superior to another. COUSAT members believe that supporting the goodwill of humanity based upon verifiable truths should be the priority of all heartfelt thinking and motivations.

Donations and contributions received by the COUSAT are used in a poly-ministerial distribution for several good causes in need of assistance. These donations contribute to causes consistent with Matthew 25 to serve those in need of food and clothing, in addition to attending the needs of prisoners and those who are otherwise socially disadvantaged. Some of the monetary donations are used to pay for printing and postage costs of the newsletter sent to prisoners through the COUSAT progeny, the Universal Support Network.

To Support the COUSAT Mission
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